On The Road to Restigouche County


Let’s start with the fact that I grew up in Restigouche county; more specifically, in a little community called McLeod’s Siding, nestled in between Campbellton and Dalhousie. This quaint little place is located at the norther tip of the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

I’ve been gone from the area since 1996 and typically return a few times a year to visit family and of course, take in the incredible scenery and outdoor activities.

Since I’m from the area, I’m even more pleased to showcase the incredibleness of this place. Although small, it makes up for it in sights and personality.

Salmon Boulevard, Campbellton, New Brunswick

Spoken Languages

When travelling to the area, expect to hear a mix of french and english as the spoken languages. Sometimes, actually most times, you’ll hear a mixture of both french and english together in the same conversation and even the same sentence. 

In my official blog post highlighting my trip, I’ll give you much more information about this amazing place. Expect to see a post in the next 2 weeks.

My Tentative Itinerary

My main reason for visiting this time around is to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday! Yes… 90! My amazing grandfather, who left us this year, was almost 96. Longevity runs in the family and I sure hope I carry that gene. 

While in town, I plan on visiting some local cafes and restaurants, take in a farmers market, do some hiking, and more. Here’s a list of my tentative itinerary for the weekend.

  • Leave Prince Edward Island via the Confederation Bridge (approx. driving time: 5 hours)
  • Keep eyes peeled for deer and moose on the roads
  • At least 2 coffee and bathroom pit stops along the way
  • Enjoy the scenery along the way
  • Visit with family
  • Visit new tourism information center
  • Climb Sugarloaf mountain
  • Explore Sugarloaf Provincial park
  • Lunch, coffee, & pastries at Café Europa
  • Sightseeing tour taking me to Atholville, Tide Head, Morrissey Rock, Matapedia & Pointe-à-la-croix (Quebec), and back to Campbellton
  • Visit with friends and family
  • Traditional Sunday soup lunch at my grandmother’s home with family
  • Road trip back home

Get Featured

If you’re a local establishment that focuses on tourism and hospitality (ie. restaurants, cafes, tours & expeditions, etc.) and would like to get featured via my blog and social media with a story, photos, & video during my visit, please contact me.